Children’s gender socialization in the family and at school involves values, perceptions, stereotypes, etc. that contribute to “producing” / shaping and reproducing of hierarchical gender discrimination. This paper examines how the family and the school contribute to forming the child’s gender identity and reproducing gendered discrimination. The questionnaire was used as a means of collecting the data, adding standardized vignettes, which concerned everyday family and school practices. The results of the research show that students in the family and at school carry out daily activities that incorporate gender-based characteristics, thus contributing both to performing gender identity and (re-) producing gender discrimination. As legitimized and physicalized, gendered stereotypes are reproduced daily in all aspects of the social life.

Key words: gender identity, gender discrimination, family, school, stereotypes, childhood

Efstratios Papanis,
Permanent Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean
Andromachi Bouna,
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of the Aegean

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